About Bombfell

Bombfell is an online personal styling service for men and one of the fastest-growing startups in NYC. We're building a powerful, entirely personalized retail experience that enables everyday guys to buy their clothes with confidence.  We carry Men's clothing and accessories. Accessories include (but aren't limited to) ties, hats, belts, socks, undergarments, and grooming products.

Bombfell Review

Wow I can't believe its been a YEAR since our last Bombfell Clothing Subscription for Men box.  I guess my hubby finally got so many clothes we just paused everything and time flew by.  We recently unpaused his subscription because he needed new shirts.  I forgot to update his profile before this box arrived just FYI.  Since receiving this box I went in and updated his profile from over a year ago and added in some new things as their questionnaire has expanded.  It was very fast and very easy to do.  We received 5 shirts (see below) and kept only 1.  All the rest had fit issues, material too thin, shirt too tight, polo too boring, etc. We do love the one banded t-shirt we kept though.  We will be requesting another box in a couple of months to try again once summer is full on.  Click here to see past Bombfell boxes.

Good To Know

You can choose to have anywhere from 1 – 5 items sent to you.  You can specify what types of items you need or you can just be surprised.  You can also select your budget you like to spend on the type of items.  I believe in the photo below I have the lowest price point selected for each category to give you an idea.  Then you specify the occasion and leave comments if you need to.  They are very flexible and they work with the finest brands (equivalent to Nordstroms & Neimans).

Bombfell review

What Came in our Box

7 Diamon Carnegie Band Collar Tshirt

7 Diamonds Carnegie Band Collar t-shirt in Charcoal $49 – KEPT

Benson Basic Short Sleeve Polo in Slade $78 – Returned – too boring and too thin (which is common with Benson shirts)

French Connection Tipping Marlow Polo in Tarp $48 – Returned – too boring

7 Diamonds Light House Printed Short Sleeve in Light Blue $79 – Returned – I, Samantha, thought I was going to LOVE this shirt but it was just ok, it was too tight (and he has just lost 15 lbs)

Grayers Hastings Horizontal Strip Polo in Mood Indigo $58 – Returned – too boring and stripey (is that a word?)

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