About My First Reading Club

My First Reading Club is a gift you give your child that last's their whole life. Each month three hand-picked books will be carefully boxed and sent to your doorstep. Your child will view My First Reading Club as a gift they receive every month further reinforcing how wonderful it is to read.

Cost: as low as $18.99

Frequency: Monthly

Age Options: Newborn – 3 Years & 4-5 Years & 6-8 Years & 9-10 Years & 11-12 Years

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Our My First Reading Club Experience

After many requests I am back with the latest and greatest on the changes at Kids Book Club – My First Reading Club.  As many of you have noticed they did a price increase and here is my take on that.  I am glad they did it!  First, of all, I don't want them to go any where and I'm happy they made the changes necessary for this Kids Book Club to continue to be a part of our lives.  Second, it's still a killer deal, like really really good.  In this box here I could get 1.25 books for the price I paid for this month.  So by subscribing I got 1.75 books for free and did 0 work.  #momlove  Third, since Jan 2018 until now the USPS has increased the cost of shipping 2 times yall.  That is just nuts!

So here is me and my crew doing what we love to do: unboxing goodies!  My girls literally begged me to do this unboxing today.  Each of the girls are taking turns doing the unboxings so this month you have Paige and next month you will have Emma LOL. This is their favorite place to get books. Here is what we received this month.

Sign up for My First Reading Club here.  And go here if you want to see other MFRC Reviews.

My First Reading Club - Kids Book Subscription

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