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Artza Spring 2024 Box Review

When opening the Artza box, you are not only receiving up to 9 beautifully curated hand-crafted gifts; you are connecting to the creators and curators’ stories of hope and strength from Israel, their homeland.

Strangers Guide

Strangers Guide Fellow Travelers Club

Stranger’s Guide offers global stories through varied subscriptions. Dive into captivating narratives, exclusive events, and curated goods.

Life’s a Wave

Stay connected with friends and family with Lifesawave! Share photos, videos, and messages, plus create custom groups.

Artza Box

Artza Subscription Box

Experience the Holy Land through foods, crafts, and content from local artisans.


Explore global crafts, support artisans! Unique, ethical finds in each box.

Celebrate States

Celebrate States South Carolina

Explore the U.S. with boxes of local delights and facts, supporting small businesses.