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Box of Books April 2024 Review

Thank you to Box of Books for sending us this box to share with you and sponsoring this video. Links below may be affiliate links, meaning we earn a small commission for each purchase. Thank you for supporting our team!  You’re the Best!

About Box of Books

Each box is carefully curated with up to 3 great reads tailored to your preferences, along with 3-5 bookish items to enhance your reading experience.

  • Frequency: Monthly, One-time
  • Price: $40
  • Shipping: Free
  • Coupon Code: TPE
  • Active Deal: 10% off your 1st box
  • What's in my Box of Books April 2024:

    • Nature of Fragile Things ($26)
    • Sticker ($3.50)
    • Magnetic Bookmark ($1)
    • Beautiful Boards ($24)
    • Spatula Buddies ($13)
    • Kindness Changes Everything Magnetic Notepad ($9)
    • Sister Bee Honey ($4.50) 
    • Total Retail Value: $81.00

    About Box of Books by Books and More

    • A brief questionnaire at sign-up tells them what genres and extras you prefer. 
    • No two boxes are the same. Each is customized to the recipient. 
    • Extras include book accessories, journals, stationery, cookbooks, tea towels, word games, jewelry, socks, candles, sweet treats, drinks, and skincare.  
    • They also offer the monthly Great Escapes box for teens and young adults.
    • They also offer the quarterly Happy Reading Box for kids.
    • They aim to keep the extras useful and small business-driven.

    Bringing the personalization and novelty of an indie bookstore to your door!  Books & More by Box of Books is made to make the recipient feel like they are visiting an independent bookstore. Each box is custom-made, and each item is handpicked for that reader. Box of Books is not a cookie-cutter subscription box. We want subscribers to know THEY matter and that they are not just receiving random stuff.  Thought is put into each box shipped out. We aim to keep most of our extras from small businesses and useful. Also, subscribers can request specific books and extras from The Book Room on our website.

    Why are Book Subscriptions so much fun?

    Book subscription boxes are a treasure trove of excitement for readers of all ages and interests, providing a unique blend of anticipation, surprise, and discovery that makes them particularly enjoyable. Here’s why we think they are so much fun:

    • Surprise Element: The element of surprise is a big part of the appeal. There’s something inherently exciting about receiving a package when you don't know exactly what’s inside. It's like giving yourself a gift every month!
    • Personalized Selections: Many book subscription services offer personalized selections (like Box of Books) based on your reading preferences. This personal touch makes each delivery feel like it’s been curated just for you, often introducing you to new authors and genres you might not have picked up otherwise.
    • Exclusive Content: Some subscriptions include exclusive editions, signed copies, or books with bonuses like author interviews or behind-the-scenes content. These extras make the reading experience even more special and enjoyable.
    • Literary Community: Being part of a book subscription service often means being part of a broader community of readers. Many services offer online forums or social media groups where you can discuss the latest picks, share reviews, and connect with fellow book lovers.
    • Enhanced Reading Experience: Along with each book, subscription boxes often include items that enhance the reading experience, such as bookmarks, teas, candles, or snacks that match the book's theme or things you enjoy. These thoughtful additions create a more immersive reading atmosphere.
    • Discovering New Favorites: Book subscription boxes push you out of your reading comfort zone, introducing you to authors, stories, and genres you might not have discovered alone. This can lead to finding new favorite books you'll cherish for years.
    • Convenience: For busy book lovers, subscription boxes offer the convenience of having someone else do the research and selection process, delivering a new literary adventure straight to your door without the need to browse bookstores or libraries.
    • Motivation to Read More: The regular arrival of new books can be a great motivator to keep reading regularly. Knowing there’s another book on the way can encourage you to finish your current read and maintain a steady reading habit.
    • Gift Factor: For those who love to read, receiving a book subscription box feels like a thoughtful gift from someone who knows you well, even if you purchased it for yourself. It’s a monthly reminder to take time and indulge in your love of reading.

    In essence, book subscription boxes combine the joy of receiving mail with the thrill of discovering new literary worlds, making them a delightful experience for anyone who loves to read.

    Note: Prices and details mentioned are accurate as of the video's release date and may change over time.

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