About the Bride Box

The Bride Box is a premier monthly subscription service devoted to newly engaged brides. Each month, we deliver full sized and premium sample wedding gifts directly to your doorstep. We feature only quality wedding inspired products, and strive to continually discover new talented artists, designers, and fresh brands as to inspire our beautiful brides-to-be!

Cost: as low as $31.25

Frequency: Monthly

Bride Box Review

Brides this is a monthly subscription box to discover new and fun items for your big day!  They send samples from various companies as gifts to you to keep, share and/or order more of.  My favorite item in this box is the Wifey pillow case!!!  It is so cute!  I washed it and put it on my bed.  I also think the sample of candy bags is pretty neat.  Overall I feel like this box is pretty cool and worth $35 a month.  Check out what I got in detail below.

They also provide Gift Boxes that have a higher value and are given on a 1 time basis.  Check those out below.  Prices start at $40 for these luxe bridal boxes.

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