About BTQ Box

A new and and innovative way to buy for your boutique. Enjoy membership in an elite buying club that offers a monthly sample box and member only discounts on featured brands. Easy. Simple. Done.


  • Free – weekly boutique focused content & flash sales e-mailed over (All Boutique Owners Should Do This One)
  • $139 – 4 month membership. 2 boxes, member only wholesale deals, boutique business tools
  • $349 – 12 month membership. 6 full-size boxes, member-only wholesale deals, boutique business tools

Coupon Code: PINK75 gives you $75 off the 12 month membership

Frequency: boxes starting at $139, see cost above for break out

Recommend: Yes for all boutique owners. This is a great way to have a business coach + learn about new products all in one + you get to check out tons of cool products

My BTQ Box Experience

So I am not a boutique owner BUT I have helped start up and open a boutique. I have worked in a couple boutiques. And in another lifetime would LOVE to own my own boutique. So with this preface I say… I FREAKING LOVE THIS BOX AND THINK IT IS BRILLIANT!

Ok from just a subscription box point-of-view. This is a killer deal. With the 12 month plan you get 6 boxes packed full of goodies & coupons for only $58 a box (only $45 with my coupon above) which in the sub box world, equals a great box worth its value! Once you add in their training & flash sale e-mails + their dedication to helping you with your boutique through FB groups and more. This box contents far exceed its value!

From a non- subbox mentality but from a boutique perspective. What a great way to see, do and learn more without using your precious time. Sourcing unique products is hard but not with BTQ Box. Plus you get a business coach built in! She is asking challenging questions to get you thinking. She is sending reminders to assist you. And most of all, she is behind you and encouraging you when times get tough.

Go now and sign up for the Free e-mail tips and check out the 2 box options. Boutique Owners tips and tricks sent straight to you!

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