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About Bumble Brain Box

A monthly subscription box for children 0 to 3 years old to teach parents how to play with their child and help target specific areas of brain development.

Cost: $29.00

Frequency: as you order

Bumble Brain Box Review

7/2016: This is the very 1st subscription box I have ever seen that is for babies development. This box is for ages 0-3 years and is educational focusing on their development while having fun.  As a tired mom of littles, sometime I think we miss the opportunities presented to us to teach our babies things while we are striving just to keep everyone alive. I know I do.  This is where Bumble Brain Box comes into play.  

Second, they provide you everything you need to teach your babies (supplies and educational materials) that are all re-useable in every day life.  I have met the owner of Bumble Brain Box and she is wonderful. So she not only has experience in education but works in an atmosphere that allows her to test everything she launches.  This means you are receiving tried and true product that guarantees results.  Here is our 1st box for my 2 year old.

xoxo Samantha

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