About WickBox

Each Wickbox features a surprise candle expertly curated to match your scent preferences, delivered to your door monthly. Every month you will experience a different brand and a beautiful, on-trend candle container. Treat yourself or give a sweet gift to a loved one!

Pricing: starting at $26.95

Frequency: Monthly

My Candle Subscription Box Review

So at 1st glance I thought the price was a bit high for a candle in a bag however I did a bit of digging and discovered a few things. 1) The packaging I received my candle in is not the same packaging that I see on their website, so perhaps since mine was a freebie (I won their contest) it wasn’t packaged like the others. I give the packaging a 5 because if I judged it off their website packaging it would have been a 10 but what I actually received in the mail was a 1.  2) The candle I received is amazing! Smells so good and is in a very pretty package and is a great brand that I love and trust. If I went to buy this candle online by myself I would have paid $36 + shipping.  *I confirmed with the owner that the packaging I received that you will see in the video is not their normal packaging and the beauties I saw on their website is the norm*

All in all this Candle Subscription Box is a MUST for candle and home decor lovers!

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