This post does contain affiliate links but is not sponsored by Candy Club. These are all my own thoughts, ideas, and comparisons. Thanks for reading about this Candy Club Review & Taste Test.

About Candy Club

They are candy lovers who find, curate, and deliver the world’s best candies to your door. We partner with small artisans and famed candy producers so that our members can enjoy an amazing variety of exceptional candies every month.

  • Cost: $29.99 for 6 – 6oz cups and $39.99 for 13 – 6 oz cups
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Coupon Code: PINKENVELOPE10 for $10 off your 1st box when you sign up below
  • Do I Recommend: Yes seriously, this lifted our spirits so much

My Candy Club Review & Experience

So this is our 2nd box. The 1st box we liked 5 out of the 6 candies. With this box, we loved 6 out of the 6 candies. I thought that the 1st box went fast but I found out what fast looks like with this 2nd box. We are in the middle of the COVID quarantine and this was the perfect box to receive. We enjoyed opening it and eating it. I have linked the 2nd unboxing video and taste test above but click the button below to watch the 1st one.

So you get to choose from Mostly Sour or Mostly Sweet. This is the Mostly Sour box and we LOVED it! The Sour Gummy Octopus candy is my favorite. Starfish Sweeties & Sour Strawberry are tied for 2nd place. I also love that they don't use HFCS in all their candy, just some, so the majority of the candy I can eat. This box is a great one to have delivered to the office or your home. Especially during quarantine when we all could use a pick-me-up this box really was a Sweet treat for a Sweet week.

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