Celebrate America 2023 by Steal it Box from Decor Steals | Patriotic Decor *Made in the USA*. Yall, the products in the Patriotic Home Decor box are all Made in the USA by Small Businesses. Even the box is printed in America! I am so excited to open this home decor box!

Decor Steals – Celebration Collection – Celebrate America 2023 by Steal it Box

– Frequency: a non-recurring subscription
– Price: $124.99
– Shipping: $5 in the US
– Coupon Code: click the URL below to see the latest offers
– Sign Up Here: https://thepinkenvelope.com/get/DS-CelebrateAmerica

Itemized Items in the Steal it Box Celebrate America 2023 Box:

– Handmade Metal eagle on a branch (outdoor friendly)
– Handmade Wood blocks with tin stars – Set of 3
– Pendant Banner made of cloth inspired by an old American quilt – Handmade
– Handmade America Pillow Case
– Handmade Slate Coasters – Set of 4
– Hand Selected Wildflower Seeds pack
– Handmade American Wood art

Indoor Patriotic Decor:

Outdoor Patriotic Decor:

About Steal it Box Celebrate America Box 2023:

– Not a recurring subscription.
– 7 full-size items in this box
– Patriotic-themed items for this box
– All pieced handcrafted & made in the USA
– Seasonally inspired, on-trend, and versatile
– Boxes ship mid-May 2023

From Decor Steals:

Containing seven full-sized, patriotic items, this will be the perfect way to transform your space for the patriotic holidays… or show your American Pride all year long! Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July… There are SO many reasons and holidays to CELEBRATE! Each full-sized decor piece in this box was carefully designed with you in mind. We worked hand-in-hand with USA artisans to make sure we could present you with a box to make you proud to be an American.

Celebrate America 2023 by Steal it Box

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