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Charreada – Fiesta San Antonio


Charreada – Fiesta San Antonio

What is Fiesta's Charreada?  Where does it take place?  Is it kid friendly?  These are just a few of the questions I have received and I wanted to provide some answers.

Admission: $20 for adults and $5 for kids 6-12 years & it doesn't state this but I'm guessing under 6 is free. All seats are general admission and can only be purchased at the door.

Parking: Free until it fills up then surrounding parking is $10. The Gates open at 1 PM for parking.  Event starts at 3 PM with Mariachi and Ballet.

Location: Rancho del Charro 6126 Padre Dr, San Antonio, TX 78214

From Charreada:

Explore the distinctive culture which upholds deep-rooted customs, tradition and family as a way of life. This family event features food, drink, pony rides for the kids, Ballet Folklorico performances and live Mariachi music. The 2018 Rey Feo LXX will be honored on April 22 and King Antonio XCVI will be honored on April 29.

The Asociación de Charros de San Antonio has been carrying on the tradition of Charrera for years. Charrera originated in 19th century as a way for the landed gentry to prepare horses and riders for war, it later evolved into an equestrian competition featuring horse reining, bull riding and artistic roping skills. Today’s charros wear the traditional clothes and use horse equipment as required by the Federation of Charros in Mexico.


Kid Friendly: Yes but seating is limited and rustic, so be flexible and ready for some dust


  • Walking around the authentic working ranch and visiting with performers
  • Arts and Crafts booths
  • Try authentic foods
  • Watch the performance of the cowboys, cowgirls and their horses (a rodeo done old Mexico style)
  • Trade Medals and take photos

Mom Tips:

  • Wear closed toe comfy shoes for sure, very dusty
  • Arrive early so that you can stake a claim on seats, we never found any
  • They only close the gates once the arena is full to signify Sold Out, so get there early.
  • Pack drinks and food for kids
  • Bring hand wipes and antibacterial
  • Not wagon or stroller friendly, be prepared to stand of to sit in random places

My Tips to Charreada:

  • I like how authentic & old world everything is BUT some organization is needed.
  • Organize parking, the lot was very inefficiently used

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And my overall is FOR Fiesta's Charreasa!!!!  We will definitely go back.

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