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Nourish your inner chef with CrateChef. Each crate is filled with cooking and food products, exclusive recipes, a personal letter and kitchen tools curated by world renowned chefs. Bi-monthly subscriptions start at $44 plus $6 shipping. Help the home cook in your life sharpen their culinary skills with CrateChef!

Crate Chef Review

Chefs Rejoice with the Perfect Cooking Subscription Box – This month's box is from Chef Jim Smith from Alabama so the theme of the contents inside the box is Alabama!  So the Piper and Leaf tea and the strainer is way cute, I can't wait to try it.  The tea smells soooo good!  The Big Bob Gibson's Original White Sauce will be used soon.  The 1st time I am home at dinner time long enough to cook, I'm hitting the grill with this.  Next the Arabelle jelly is something I think my hubby will love.  Serving this with cream cheese and crackers sounds so yummy.  And those boiled peanuts, they are so good and they are already so gone LOL.  I busted those open and enjoyed them right then.  Something I learned while eating them is that my husband is a lazy eater.  If you have to crack it, peel it, etc he isn't interested.  Now, this hurts my feelings none 🙂  It means more for me!!!!  Then my last item is an adorable ceramic mug and plate, all hand made and colored with Alabama soil.  Way cute right!  So now to cook, I will use my 3 recipes to make some yummy meals soon.  Maybe I will even post a photo of a finished product or me cooking….maybe!  LOL!

*Sorry the above video is a bit crooked, things get crazy over here at TPE!

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