About Chococurb

Chococurb is a chocolate discovery experience. We're helping people discover extraordinary chocolate with our monthly subscription boxes and through our shop, where they can find some truly incredible products.

Chococurb Review

Here is my ChocoCurb review: I'm not exactly sure what I expected from Chococurb but this wasn't quite it.  I knew there would be chocolate which is always exciting but I expected something a bit more complete, whereas this felt more like samples.  I'm trying to verbalize what exactly felt lacking.  I understand that the packaging had to protect against heat but the foam package is kinda scary.  Once you are inside there is a very cute box, with great branding.  Wish that was showing more on the outside.  I received all my chocolates in good condition even though it was 100+ degrees outside that day.  I received 5 different chocolates and I have tried 2 of them.  I am not a big chocolate person but my hubby is so we split everything.  The Ethereal Confections neither of us liked 🙁  The Birthday Cake Chocolate from Seattle Chocolates my hubby loved and I liked.  We will see about the last 3 soon.  More to come!   They also have 3 different sizes: the Chococurb, the Mini and the Nano!  This box I received is the Chococurb Nano and it is only $8 a month.

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