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*Disclaimer – I am not a healthcare professional, I am not an insurance professional, I am not telling you what to do but rather sharing my experiences and answering questions I have been asked ALOT. Health Care Sharing satisfies the Federal health care law’s (Affordable Care Act) requirement that individuals purchase insurance or pay a penalty-tax (see 26 United States Code Section 5000A, (d) (2) (B)).

Christian Health Care Sharing Ministries

What are health care sharing ministries and what do they do? The community of believers comes together as one Body to assist members in need. This way, individual believers are connected to the larger Body of Christ as they give and receive financial, emotional, and spiritual support.  With Samaritan Ministries, our health care sharing ministry, you submit a medical bill to Samaritan and another person in the ministry will send you a check directly for that bill.  So you are not sending your checks to a hospital or to a company.  Your money goes straight to the person in need.

What Healthcare Alternatives are out there?  Here are some of the well known health care sharing ministries: Samaritan Ministries, Medi-Share (aka: Christian Care Ministries), Medical Cost Sharing (MCS), Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM), Liberty HealthShare, etc

For this particular discussion I will be focusing on the 2 Healthcare Alternatives I know really well and fully trust:Samaritan Ministriesand Christian Care Ministries(aka: Medi-Share).  

Healthcare Alternatives Christian Care Ministry

Founded in 1993

Prices accurate as of 09/2017

Application Fee:$50 (one time)
Membership Fee: $120 (one time)

Monthly Cost:
$80 – $226: 1 Person under 25
$107 – $275: 1 Person over 25
$92 – $384: 2 Person Family under age 25
$138 – $463: 2 Person Family over age 25
$194 – $709: 3+ Person Family under age 25
$222 – $720: 3+ Person Family over age 25

Annual Costs:
Optional Mana (disability coverage)

$10,000-$500: 1 Person under 25
$10,000-$500: 1 Person over 25
$360: 2 Person Family under age 25
$440: 2 Person Family over age 25
$495: Family of 3+

Healthcare Alternatives Samaritan Ministries

Founded in 1994

Prices accurate as of 09/2017

Membership Fee: $200 (One Time)

Monthly Cost:
$180: 1 Person under 25
$220: 1 Person over 25
$360: 2 Person Family under age 25
$440: 2 Person Family over age 25
$495: Family of 3+

Annual Costs:
Optional Save to Share:
This increases coverage to $250k+
$133 for 1 Person
$266 for 2 Person
$399 for 3+


Extra Costs:
Any medical bill lower than $300 must be paid by you. Read more about this below.

Common Questions About Christian Health Care Sharing Ministries

Is this conventional health insurance? No.

Is this tax deductible? No.

Is this a legal & qualified alternative to Obama Care? Yes.

Is there a yearly deductible?

  • Samaritan Ministries– At Samaritan, a medical need involving less than $300 is not shared among the members. When the need goes over $300, the amount from $300 to $250,000 is shared. (The amount of a need that exceeds $250,000 can be eligible for sharing if the member also joins Samaritan’s Save to Share™.)  Save to Share– For one person memberships, the annual set aside amount is $133 annually. Two-person memberships, as well as memberships for widowed/divorced parents with children, set aside $266 annually. Families of three or more set aside $399 annually.
  • Christian Care Ministries– varies depending on the plan you choose.  The amounts are based on the number of people who will be participating–either one, two, or a family of three or more. The share amounts also vary depending on the age of the oldest applicant.  There are 7 options to choose from with prices ranging from $500 – $10,000.

What's expected of me?  They ask members to maintain healthy lifestyles, as this glorifies God and keeps medical costs down. Examples of unhealthy lifestyles include, but are not limited to, the following: Use of tobacco, Use of Illegal Drugs, Sexual Immorality and other sinful practices. Members must be accountable to a pastor or other Christian church leader for the needs they submit to Samaritan Ministries.

What are the real world costs?

  • with Samaritan MinistriesI have had 2 babies at 2 different hospitals, 1 severely broken arm/elbow, multiple kidney stones, visited an multiple ERs, had basic check ups and well visits, and much more.  For my family of 4 I pay $495 a month, sometimes less depending on how many people have needs and I am required to pay the 1st $300 of every bill which means I pay for all well checks (typically $75 for my kiddos and $125 for me).  I pay extra for Save to Sharewhich provides coverage over $250k, so catastrophic incidences are covered.  Without Save to Share max that can be shared is $250K.  I have no deductible, no network to worry about, I go where I want, when I want, how I want.  It is AMAZING!!!
  • with Christian Care Ministries (Medi-Share)my family (who I managed their accounts) has had basic check ups, basic doctors appointments and right now one family member is battling Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and much more.  For their family of 2 they pay $638 a month which is their monthly share amount plus a health partnership fee (which incurs for those with a history of really bad health only).  Our family member was diagnosed with cancer after being a member over a year.  They do have a network to abide by.  They do have a low deductible which varies based on the plan you choose.

Both Christian Health Care Sharing Ministries plans are wonderful and both are quite different and both are cheaper, nicer, easier and more efficient than Obamacare.

How Sharing Works: Each month, your monthly share is matched with another’s eligible medical bills. Through a secure online portal, all of the bills eligible for sharing are coordinated and the direct sharing of medical costs takes place between members. You will know every month whose bills you are paying, and when you have eligible bills, your fellow believers will be sharing those and praying for you.

Have more questions about Christian Health Care Sharing Ministries?  Want to learn more about Christian Health Care Sharing Ministries?  Click here for Medi-Share (Christian Healthcare Ministries) information.  Click here for Samaritan Ministries information.  All is free and confidential.  Not ready to take it that far?  Have a question for me?  Comment here or e-mail me at and I will do my best to help.

Please mention Samantha Foster as your referral when signing up!

It is the only way they know I am dedicating my time and energy to their cause. No I am not paid and no I don't receive anything for free. I'm just passionate! All content found on, including: text, images, audio, or other formats were created for informational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this Website. is not responsible for the claims of external websites and education companies. All of these are my opinions and are not paid for.

Health Insurance Alternatives Christian Health Care Sharing

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