About Chroma Club

Welcome to the first monthly subscription club for adult coloring books!  Start coloring our passionately curated indie art today!  Chroma Club is the first monthly subscription that brings fun, beautiful adult coloring books to your door every month.

Chroma Club Review

Chroma Club Review – this is such a unique and fun subscription box for adults.  It is an adult coloring book subscription!  The prints and patterns are intricate in some cases and broad in others giving you diversity in prints and difficulty.  The paper quality is great and the book.  This month's book has a Christmas theme and its way cute.  My book has 16 pages of art.  They are not front and back, they are front only which is smart because you can't really color front and back with pressure points and bleeding.  So smart!  The book size is 8.5 x 11″ which is nice because it fits into my computer case easily.  Works great with crayons and colored pencils, I have not tried markers yet.  If you are looking for a way to detox and art is your thing then look no further, at only $8 a month you can have therapy in a box sent to your front door!  Use Coupon Code – COLORZEN to get $3 off the first month!  Check out my book below:

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