Thursday Trends

Featuring Cindy Schulze Jewelry

I always love when I get to do a photo shoot featuring products, stores and people I love!  Today I am showing off Cindy Schulze Jewelry.  I first met Cindy through Houston Commercial Photographer Jonathan Ivy.  He took photos and I modeled several of her pieces then I fell in love.  Now I own like a dozen of her pieces.  One set I wear 24/7 and never take off has my babies names on them.  They are my favorite!!!  Another set I have is 3 necklaces layered with my 1st name initial “s” on the longest one.

I love her bar and circle necklaces and she can write anything on them.  Looks a lot like these:

Cindy Schulze Jewelry makes so many variations of necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  Check these out:

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