About Cladwell

Cladwell doesn't sell clothes. We help you discover what to wear, what to keep, and what to add. Take the time to figure out what to wear for the rest of your life.  When you know yourself, you can know what clothes best represent you. And isn't that what clothing is all about?  We think so.  It sounds lofty, but we believe that when you cut clutter, you make room for more important things. Things that don't take up space in your dresser drawers. Things that really matter.

Frequency: Renews Monthly, Sends Outfits Ideas Daily

Cost: as low as $3.33 a month, right now I'm just on a monthly subscription at $7.99 a month

What is Cladwell?

It is Outfit Ideas to Your Phone Daily.  The app knows the weather and suggests a few outfit options based on what is in your closet and the weather.  See image below for an example!

How to Sign Up for Cladwell

The sign up is simple on your computer or phone.  Go here to get started.  You put in your name and card info and done, you are signed up and ready to go.  What takes a little bit longer is setting up your Closet.  You actually go through and tell them what you own.  At 1st I did the quick set up, went in and chose a few things and moved on.  This allowed me to get outfits started and the processing rolling.  Then a couple days later when I sat down to watch a movie in the evening I went through and spent about an hour really setting up my closet choosing tops, bottoms and shoes in detail.  It was very simple and a lot of fun. It also helped remind me about items I own and forgot about LOL.


My Cladwell Experience

So I downloaded Cladwell because I was feeling blocked on outfit ideas and by the time I got the kid's lunches packed, their clothes all laid out and set I did not feel like starting all over with myself.  Insert Cladwell 🙂  And I literally do nothing but pick up my phone, open the app then scroll through my outfit options.  Once I find one I like I mark is as “logged” and it tells them I liked that outfit and I put on said outfit.  Occasionally I edit the outfit to something else, almost every case that I edit, it is for the shoes.  It is winter, a season that doesn't last long here, so I like to optimize boots!  So if it recommends a pump, I typically swap it out for a boot then log it.  I am about 2 weeks into using the app and I Love It!

Cladwell has makes me wear things I typically avoid or forget about.  It speeds up the getting dressed process dramatically (which I know my husband appreciates LOL).  And it makes getting dressed more fun for me!  This is an app I highly recommend you give a try.  Sign up here and get your 1st 3 days for free (yeah I know that is pathetic but it is all they offer)!

Cladwell makes getting dressed simple, fast and fun with Outfit Ideas Sent to Your Phone Daily!

What is Cladwell

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