About Daniel Wellington

About Daniel Wellington's Classic Petite Watch Collection – Our neatest Classic yet is a statement timepiece that truly reflects the design approach of Daniel Wellington. Defined by its contemporary look and sophisticated design, this 32mm watch is a must-have staple for every modern icon.

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Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Watch Review

How they do it I will never know but Daniel Wellington's new Classic Petite Collection watch is better than I could have imagined!  I received the Classic Petite Watch in Melrose (Rose Gold) with a white face and it is dainty and eye catching all in one.  The feature I love the most is that the band is self adjusting, I do not have to take it in to be adjusted by my jeweler, I can share it with friends on the spot.  The strong but delicate, mesh band is perfect for my skinny wrists and the face is the perfect size for elegance and easy reading.  It is cute with a sporty look or dressing up to go out for the evening.  You can choose from 4 different watches: Melrose or Sterling with a Black or White face.  Want to see more than what I have here, click on the link above or the link at the bottom to visit their beautiful website.  Or go to their Instagram, they do a great job on social media.  I highly recommend you check out this new collection.

To see my very 1st Daniel Wellington watch click here Classic Black Sheffield watch. – With a black strap made from genuine Italian leather and a distinctive dial, the Classic Black Sheffield is a sophisticated timepiece that adds confidence and attitude to your style.

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