As many of you have already read, I recently have become addicted to the clothing subscription service Stitch Fix.  I am about to get my 3rd fix (box of clothing) from them and I can't wait.  I'm like a kid before Christmas!  So this got me to thinking…Who else out there is doing this same thing?  Here are the women's clothing subscription services I found that I plan on trying:

  1. Stitch Fix
  2. Trunk Club
  3. Evereve Trendsend
  4. Yoga Club
Clothing Subscription Service

Clothing Subscription Service

For a men's clothing subscription service I found and plan on trying:

  1. Trunk Club
  2. Bombfell
  3. FiveFourClub (after working with them 3 times over 6 months I have to recommend that to steer clear, they will lead you down a rabbit hole of heartache)

So if you get a minute, hop on and check these options out.  If you don't like shopping, don't have time, or just want to try something new, these links are the answer for you.  I will soon have an update on how they compare to each other so stay tuned!  I know there are more services out there and would've to look into them.  So leave a comment if you know of or have tried out a clothing subscription service that I do not have listed above.

*Disclaimer: these are just my opinions and I apologize in advance for misspelling, typos & overall nonsense (ie: keyword stuffing)!

Much love,

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