About CMY FabriK

Monthly fabric craft subscription box that sends you fun fabric, tools & supplies needed for that month's project, w/some extra crafty goodies thrown in!  We are two sisters who love designing fun and bold fabric. The goal is to inspire women to not be nervous about starting DIY crafts or fabric projects. There's so many cool things we can make for ourselves and for those we love, we just have to start!

Cost: $35

Frequency: Monthly

CMY FabriK Box Review

Ok this is such a fun DIY craft subscription.  You can be experienced or not, you choose, from there you choose your frequency and voila, you're done.  They send you the perfect craft with everything you need to create it.  We had SO much fun creating our St Patrick’s Day art and it was easy.  I chose the no sew option and they even gave me a glue gun!  This is the perfect craft box to subscribe to through the summer months when everyone is home.

The CMYfabriK Box includes a half yard of exclusive custom fabric, a sticker, instructions & tools pertinent to that month's project, a spool of thread, bakers twine or ribbon, decorative washi tape, & 2-3 crafty bonus items every month! Our projects are specifically designed to help you improve your sewing skills while creating fun & cute crafts. Each month's projects will range in skill & completion time. Just in case you misplace your instructions, we'll send out a link for you to download the tutorial as well.  The Welcome Kit includes a handheld (battery operated) sewing machine along with a pin cushion & cute pouch filled with a sewing kit.

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