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The Pink Envelope covers everything in life: Product Reviews and Experiences from subscription boxes, fashion, entertainment, family activities, being a working mom, how to simply life, relaxation, travel and more!  She shares her genuine experience, listing the good, the bad & the ugly, and her readers love this about her.

The Pink Envelope was (un)officially started January of 2016.  In that time they have seen their readership grow more than ever imagined.  Their reviews and experiences are growing everyday and their followers are anxious to see YOUR store, theme park, resort, product, subscription box and more. Check out our pricing plans and latest viewer stats below and lets get started!  Let’s start marketing what make you unique!

So who is Samantha?  She is a mid 30’s mom of 2 daughters and wife to Jonathan Ivy.  She loves fashion & shopping but dressing herself doesn’t come naturally (shout out to Stitch Fix).  Blogging and discovering new products is her happy place.  Her “real job” is CEO & Janitor at Jonathan Ivy Photography.  She loves animals and has frogs, a turtle, cats, fish and backyard chickens who keep her busy.  She has been married for 10 years and has 2 daughters that are completely opposite: 1 being an outdoors and adventure girl and 1 being a feminine, girly girl.  She loves her Jesus and attributes all joy and success to Him! 
Welcome to Samantha’s little world!  We hope you enjoy your time here!  Follow along for tips and tricks, reviews, fun ideas and more for you and your family.

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