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Our high-quality, personalized, unboxing videos, will help keep your customers engaged and build trust which will reduce churn and increase acquisition.  We have worked with 100's of subscription boxes and are experts in this field.  Providing more than an unboxing video, we create marketing assets that YOU can use over and over. Let's work together and create something amazing!

Who is Samantha?

A mid 30’s mom of 2 daughters and wife to photographer Jonathan Ivy.  She thrives on DIY projects, yard work, drinking wine, her backyard chickens, all things curly hair, and subscription boxes!  Honest, sincere, and oh so enneagram 8, Samantha is hard-working, goal-driven, creative, and full of energy.  She only shares the things that bring joy!  Samantha loves Jesus and attributes all joy and success to Him!

What do we offer?

  • Video unboxings & reviews
  • Video how-to's & vlog stylings
  • Video directory placement
  • Instagram & Facebook posts/stories
  • SEO based blog posts

Swipe Through These Conversions

$79 Lifestyle Box

Within 2-weeks this box had 66 conversions totaling $4,065 in sales with 346 website clicks, 4,540+ video views, and 300+ viewer comments! We SOLD OUT the box in the video within 4 hours of the video going live.  So we pivoted and directed the viewers to shop in their online store generating even more revenue for the Lifestyle Box.

$100 Home Decor Box

At the 1 week mark, this home decor box had 19 conversions totaling over $7,000 in revenue.  They had 235 website clicks from The Pink Envelope with 3,360+ video views & 460 valuable comments from people that loved their box!

$79 Fashion Subscription

This new to the scene fashion subscription box participated in a haul and within 24-hours they had 9 conversions, 122 website clicks, 1,600 video views, and 75 comments!

What a great feeling to have hundreds of people speaking so highly of Entry Envy! The compliments have been overwhelming and taken me to tears of joy and optimism! 7 conversions already! I can’t wait to see what happens over the next couple of days/week. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity!


Owner, Entry Envy

OMG I absolutely love it Samantha! Thank you SO much. I giggled and said ‘yay' like a million times. I gave it a thumbs up and I'm definitely going to share and post to my website. 🙂 This has been the best unboxing experience!


Owner, A Curated Thrift

Thank you for the lovely review of our subscription box:) we’re so glad you like it and grateful for the kinds words. I can’t tell you what your review means to our small business. Thank you!


Owner, Judith & Joe

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We answer all e-mail requests on Monday and Thursday.

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