About Covet Crate

From Covet Crate Lifestyle Subscription Box for Professional Women – Covet Crate grew out of the desire to empower, inspire, motivate, and encourage women in their careers and every day lives. Opening an online store is one thing, but we wanted to be more personal than that. What better way to reach out and touch women’s lives than to deliver a carefully curated package directly to them bi-month? This is how Covet Crate was born. In each box, you will receive not only physical, tangible items, but experiences and opportunities as well. Each month, you will receive items such as: – Office Supplies & Accessories – Stationery – Office Decor – Style Accessories – Beauty & Skincare Items – Office Snacks & Beverages – Books – Discounts (e.g. on business/life coaching, classes) – Anything else to empower, motivate, inspire, and encourage!

My Covet Crate Review:

Oh y'all, my favorite box is here again!  Covet Crate to the rescue!!!!  This month (April) they are featuring Jackie Joiner-Kersee with “Working on Fitness” theme.  I have been STALKING Covet Crate for a while to see what all might be coming in my box (yes I know that is cheating) and I am pleased to say the pink Kate Spade water bottle I wanted SO BAD is in my box!!!  So look for me carrying it around like everywhere!

So those of y'all who know me know I don't work out, its just not my thing (although it really should be) so I am pleased to announce I'm renaming my April box to the beach babe box where you will see me carrying my Rūme bag with my Mai Couture products and Miss Violet Lace Beach hair perfume while jotting notes in my Hustle notepad…..all at the beach which is my kind of workout!  Join me in the bi-monthly goodness now!!!  The box shown here is the Girl Boss Box and it's $54.95.  Side note, the Kate Spade water bottle alone is $30, this box is so awesome!

COUPON CODE: PINKENVELOPE5 to get $5 off your 1st boxCovet Crate Review

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