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Nourish your inner chef with CrateChef. Each crate is filled with cooking and food products, exclusive recipes, a personal letter and kitchen tools curated by world renowned chefs. Bi-monthly subscriptions start at $44 plus $6 shipping. Help the home cook in your life sharpen their culinary skills with CrateChef!

Crate Chef Review

The Biscuit Love Crate Chef subscription box is a fun one!  Chef Karl Worley wooed his wife, Sarah, through his cooking… specifically his biscuits.  The rest, as they say, is history!  The Nashville duo owns and operates their incredibly popular restaurants bringing made-from-scratch, southern, comfort dishes to their dedicated patrons.  I am so excited that they are sharing a little love with us all and bringing this delicious food into my kitchen!  So I have not made any of these items yet but will be as soon as I'm home for more than a minute at a time.  My kids ask to eat pancakes for dinner like every night so I know they will love this.  Everything in this box looks so yummy and the biscuit cutters make me feel so professional and cool.  Even my kids are excited about using them.  Chef Worley has assembled a box filled with products from his favorite local Tennessee purveyors, along with exclusive, mouthwatering recipes for us all.  All this Tennessee stuff reminds me of my college days, such wonderful memories!!!

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