Curious Elixirs Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

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About Curious Elixirs

Curious Elixirs are booze-free non-alcoholic cocktails, infused with adaptogens to help you unwind. Their beverages are handmade with the best ingredients and no refined sugar. 

“We created Curious Elixirs because we believe non-alcoholic cocktails should be unusually delicious, well-crafted, and good for bodies and souls. So we began a mission to serve up the world’s best booze-free craft cocktails.”

  • Curious Elixirs Cost: $79
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Curious Elixirs Coupon Code: TPE10 for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more
  • What's Inside:
    • Curious No. 1 – A bitter pomegranate cocktail inspired by the Negroni, designed to lift you up with rhodiola* 
    • Curious No. 2 (not in this month's pack) – The spicy lovechild of the pineapple margarita and a Dark & Stormy, infused with damiana 
    • Curious No. 3 – A beautiful blend of lemon, cucumber, alpine herbs, and ashwagandha** 
    • Curious No. 4 – Their version of a classic Italian Spritz, with blood orange, green mandarin, turmeric, American ginseng to give you a boost, and holy basil (tulsi) to help you de-stress 
    • Curious No. 5 – Their smoked cherry chocolate old fashioned infused with elderberry and ginger for immunity and shatavari to restore balance

Unboxing Video

My Review & Experience

Each month, you’ll receive a variety pack with our favorite flavors of booze-free craft cocktails. Every Curious Elixir is 100% booze-free, handcrafted with organic ingredients, and no refined sugar! After this taste test, we are going to make this a new go too when need something fun without the alcohol! We really enjoyed finding this!

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xoxo Samantha

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