About Curly Clues Club

Monthly deliveries for kids ages 3-9 to spark creativity, connect socially, and grow emotionally.

Curly Clues Club Review

Yall, every time I try to say this name something different comes out and it is hilarious.  Go watch the video above and listen to all the different ways I say their name.  LOL!  Anyhow, this is such a cute kid's subscription box and I can't wait to show it to my 3 and 5 year olds.  With this club your family gets monthly deliveries for kids ages 3-8 to spark creativity, connect socially, and grow emotionally.  Each box explores a social-emotional development theme through a carefully chosen children's book and several activities as well as an informational booklet to help you connect and play with your children. So busy working parents who want to engage at a real level with your kiddos, here you go!  All planned out with supplies ready to go!  You can check out the photos below to see what I got in this month's box!

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