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My Printed Kicks Experience

This was such a fun box to unbox with Emma.  Printed Kicks has 100's (and I do mean 100's) of print options from sports, animals, holidays and trendy items like coffee, unicorns and more!  They contacted me and we worked hand in hand to create a new shoes that is now available in their stores!!!!  Emma & I are the first ones to have this design and we are so excited to have them.  Then they hooked our little Paige up with some kitty cat leggings.

They carry both kids and adult shoes but not toddler so Paige's foot was too small.  They also carry kids and adult leggings and Paige fell perfectly into range there.  I believe they also offer socks.  As for the actual shoes we received, they are soft, good flexibility (not overly stiff), cute print that is printed nicely and overall comfy.  The average adult shoe price is $60 for adults and the average adult legging price is $50 which I think is expensive.  BUT I am spoiled in the legging department 🙂  Feel free to reach out and ask me why 😉

Custom Printed Shoes

Ok for the fit – Emma said hers are perfect!  She wore them all day and loved them!  Mine as also comfy but fit completely differently.  My right shoe fits like a high arch, running shoe and my left foot feels like a basic tennis shoe LOL.  They both are comfy but they both fit completely different.  I might reach out to their customer service about it if I wear them and it bothers me.  I also wore mine most of today and liked them.  They are so different!   So, want to see our shoes?  Here are our Printed Kicks – Custom Printed Shoes!

The Verdict

All in all I do recommend them!  These are well made shoes and I feel like the price is reasonable for a custom printed shoes!  Would make super cute Christmas presents!  Use Coupon Code: PINKENVELOPE for 10% off .

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