This post does contain affiliate links but is not sponsored by Daily Harvest. These are all my own thoughts, ideas, and comparisons. Thanks for reading about this Daily Harvest Coupon, Unboxing & Review.

About Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest delivers thoughtfully sourced, chef-crafted food built on organic fruits and vegetables. We turn your freezer into a pantry of clean, nourishing food that’s ready to enjoy in minutes.

  • Cost: items starting at $5.99 & price varies based on the items you purchase
  • Frequency: Weekly or Monthly in groups of 9, 14 (get $10 off), or 24 (get $20 off), and you can cancel & pause as you need. You don't have to get the same things every month, and you can mix it up each month!
  • Coupon Code: TPE – get $25 off your 1st order, and you can combine this with the 14 & 24 box discount!
  • Do I Recommend: Yes Yes Yes – this actually kept me on track taking my vitamins & eating my veggies/fruits

My Daily Harvest Coupon, Unboxing & Review

I am so glad I found DH! Daily Harvest is a convenient and delicious way to regularly ensure you're consuming the best fruits and vegetables. In my last Daily Harvest Blog Post, I covered only Daily Harvest Smoothies; check that post out here if you are a smoothie addict like me.

It was super easy for me to find items with more than 80 smoothies, harvest bowls, flatbreads, soups, oat bowls, chia bowls, scoops, lattes, and bites I wanted to try. This time I tried a variety of things; some I loved, others I didn't. Watch the video above for the full scoop.

What came in my Daily Harvest Box

  • Blueberry + Lemon Oat Bowl – Yum
  • Cherry + Dark Chocolate Oat Bowl – Yum
  • Strawberry + Rich Rippled Berry Compote – Super Yum
  • Vanilla + Salted Swirled Black Sesame – Yum but my husband says, Super Yum
  • Coconut + Lemon Bites – Yum
  • Cold Brew + Cacao Smoothie – neither of us liked this one

I started eating/drinking these at 3 pm for snack time and did the oat bowls for breakfast. This really is the perfect quick grab snack for the workday. Instead of grabbing the junk, I was grabbing, I am now snagging these! Score! These are not cheap, so I limit my enjoyment to Monday – Thursday, which is my work week, and when I am busiest.

But for now, go try these guys out. You have a free $25 from me to get you started! Thanks for reading my Daily Harvest Coupon, Unboxing & Review.

xoxo Samantha

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