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Everything you need for a great date night together. We include instructions and all the elements to execute it perfectly.  We've worked hard to bring you completely unique date nights you can enjoy at home, together. They're a great mix of fun activities.  Our boxes are creative, and have a different theme every month. Our “special sauce” is that we create an entire experience. We always include a special “connector” that will get you into conversation with your partner, and we include instructions.

This month's theme is Date Night Game Night – and it's what we're calling a #throwback box. It's a tribute to the humble board date night and has a connector that explores some of your best childhood memories. We're including a very fun game called “Yam-Slam”. It's very similar to Yahtzee, comes in a beautiful retro tin, and addicting to play. If Yahtzee and Poker had a baby, it would be Yam-Slam! We've also included some snacks (jelly belly buttered popcorn) and love tokens for winners.  PLUS, an April Fools bonus – some bean-boozled jelly belly's for the “loser” of each round! – DateBox Club April Review

DateBox Club Review

My DateBox Club April Review – I am super excited I'm sharing with you all my April DateBox Club.  This is a subscription box where you receive a date a month to do at home.  They literally send you everything you need so no one person is stuck doing all the planning.  This box's theme is Game Night!!!  So being honest, my hubby and I are NOT game players and although my hubby does love Jelly Belly, I hate them.  With this being said, my pickiness will be your gain (aka: watch the blog for an upcoming Date Night Giveaway).

As for the box itself, the presentation is ok, the products inside are great and very well thought out.  They did a great job of introducing us to a new game (not that that is hard to do with us) but they also added the perfect twist to make it romantic.  Very nicely done!  Box start as low as $30 a month and not counting any of the curation, the Love Tokens they created or the Throwback questions they include, just calculating the game Yamslam and 2 bags of Bean Boozled Jelly Beans and Jelly Belly Buttered popcorn beans the total is over $30.  So I can say, you are also getting a great deal!

DateBox Club April Review

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