About DateBox Club

DateBoxClub is a subscription service box that is guaranteed to bring joy and fun to your next date night. Everything you need is in the box

Cost: as low as $29 a month

Frequency: Monthly

My DateBox Club Experience

So this is technically the September DateBox Club box that I am just now opening.  Life has been so crazy and tonight I decided we needed a date but didn't have a sitter, I look a mess and we just moved to the house is upside down.  That is when I remembered this box!  So I ran and grabbed it while my hubby installed a door handle.

This box's theme is South of the Border which is rather appropriate in my opinion as we are HUGE chips & salsa fans AND we just moved to San Antonio, Texas!  The box had all the ingredients but instructions + how to videos to watch.  Then it had the game Spin the Pepper inside where you lay the cards they give you out in a circle then you put the red pepper in the center and spin it (you know, like spin the bottle).  Once the pepper selects a card you (or they) have to do what it says.  Super cute & Spicy all in one 😉  See what I did there.  Date in a Box!

Looking for date ideas and running dry?  Perhaps you are on a budget and can't afford a babysitter + activates.  For less than $40 you can have a date sent to your door that you can do more than once.  Heck this box gave me a tortilla press that I can use forever!  Date in a Box for the win!  Want to see more?  Check out past DateBox Club reviews here.

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