About DateBox

DateBoxClub is a subscription service box that is guaranteed to bring joy and fun to your next date night. Everything you need is in the box.

Cost: starting at only $29 a month

Frequency: Monthly

My DateBox Experience

So I am totally just unboxing my Holiday Game Night DateClub box and OMG I wish I would have opened this one sooner.  It came with the complete craving solution kit: chocolate, cinnamon and salt – I AM IN HEAVEN!  We are suppose to make little reindeer treats with them butttttt they definitely were eaten as is, in the box before they could be constructed into something cute LOL.  We also received a bag of Hugs and Kisses brix, Truth or Dare cards and of course, the Spotify list.  So we have not dated officially over this box…YET but I can't wait to.  The game looks so cute!

If you are tired, overwhelmed, out of ideas, inspired, feeling frisky or just want to try something new I suggest checking this dating sub box out.  They have free date ideas on their super cute website.  They have their Spotify play list and much more than just the box.

Date Box Review and Unboxing

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