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About Dermy Doc Box

Dr. Fahs, also known as Dermy Doctor, is a board-certified dermatologist who has a passion for helping people find quality and effective skincare. As a dermatologist on social media, Dr. Fahs has seen a fair share of misinformation online when it comes to beauty and skincare recommendations.

She's made it her mission to cut through the noise and sift through the thousands of products in the beauty aisles. The Dermy Doc Box promise is to simplify the process of searching for quality, effective skincare by delivering dermatologist-curated products from top beauty brands directly to your door every season.

  • Dermy Doc Box Cost: $49.99 with free US shipping
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Dermy Doc Box Coupon Code: THEPINKENVELOPE for $5 off 1st box
  • What You Get:
    • 5+ skin and hair care products that are Dermy Doctor approved
    • Sample & full size items
    • Always a $100+ retail value
    • Pamphlet written by Dermy Doctor with product details
    • Tips for use and exclusive discounts
    • Packaging material is a plant-based non-toxic formula that's completely compostable and biodegradable. Rinse down the sink, flush down the toilet, toss in the trash or keep it for craft time.

Dermy Doc Box Summer 2021 Unboxing Video

What Came in my Dermy Doc Box:

  • CoTZ Flawless Complexion SPF50 – $25
  • Cellular MD Universal Protection Drops – $125
  • Coolibar Sanibel Everyday Beach Shawl UPF50+ – $34
  • Regenerist Mineral Sunscreen Hydrating Moisturizer SPF30 – $28.99
  • Mele No Share Sunscreen Oil – $19.99
  • Inner Glow Vitamin Sample – $5

My Review & Experience

As a board-certified dermatologist, Demy Doc saw the need with her patients, but also those that follow her on social media (@dermy_doctor).  As someone who is also a beauty sub-box fan, she started to notice trends. There were lots of “filler” items, products that had no purpose in a routine or were frankly–big marketing ploys in the boxes she was receiving.  So she decided it was time to take matters into her own hands….or box!

Each and every product in the box is selected because she personally has tried it, loves it, and would recommend it to her own family and patients.  This beauty subscription box takes the guesswork out of finding quality skincare. On top of that, DermyDoc personally creates the pamphlet to walk subscribers through each item in the box, star ingredients, why she loves the product, and how to use it.  She also includes exclusive discount codes for her subscribers to repurchase products they love. 

Also, her box contains a “science of skincare” insert. Each season, she walks subscribers through an educational skincare topic and breaks down the science. This way, subscribers UNDERSTAND their skincare and are able to make educated decisions on their future products. Ultimately, DeryDoc’s goal is to make people's skincare routine less overwhelming and more efficacious.

xoxo Samantha

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