Bidi Box

Price: $45.99


Ships to: US

For both parents and children to promote good behavior and choices.

Filled with prizes and coins to give your child when they make a good choice.

Once a week, if they earned their coins, then they can pick a prize from the Bidibox.

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$10 off your 1st box

About Bidi Box

BidiBox is a thoughtfully handpicked subscription box with toys that will motivate your children to make good choices. Every month is a different theme to focus on and a new set of rewards and coins to keep the consistency and of excitement of rewarding good behavior! *Toys in box will range for ages between 4-7*

  • We send you all of the rewards and Bidi's (coins) you will need each month. No last minute trips to the store to come up with rewards to motivate your child!
  • Fun, exciting and engaging toys that children between the ages of 4 and 7 will be excited to get.
  • High-quality toys that are primarily multiple use toys
  • Handpicked toy for young children by a mom of young children
  • A reward system delivered to your doorstep that both you and your child will be excited to receive!
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