Price: $10


Ships to: Worldwide

For just $10 and free shipping you can also join everyone's favorite undie crew.

Feel free to swap between styles monthly -- skip or cancel at anytime. Your subscription, your way.

We feel strongly that comfort, flexibility, and affordability should be part of your underwear shopping experience.

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10% off

About BootayBag

BootayBag is a passion project run by an all-women team who are collectively on a mission to change the way you shop for underwear. I know I am not alone when I say that going to the mall and digging through underwear sale bins is as inconvenient as it is awkward.

You might be wondering “Why do I need new undies every single month?”…and maybe you don't. Butt* that's why we're flexible and cater to you. Think of your BootayBag subscription as a treat for yourself, your way, when you want it. Once you become part of our crew you will have full access to not only your member exclusive pricing (we love a free shipping moment), but also early access to the monthly style drops so you always know what to expect in your monthly bag. Don't like it? Swap it. Love it? Add more. Drawers full? Skip it.

Your monthly BootayBag is affordable, flexible, and convenient. Everything those semi-annual sales are not. Not to mention, our happiness guarantee ensures you love what you're sliding into always, no matter what.

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