California Wine Club

Price: $43.45

Monthly, Every other Month, Quarterly, One-time

Ships to: US

Featuring Affordable and Luxury Wines

One time & Gift Box Shipments

Love It Guarantee! Bad, broken, or disliked wine will be replaced immediately.

California Wine Club Coupon Code:


10% off. Not valid on discounted bottles, including Early Bird offer, extra month on us offer, and free shipping offers. Not valid on Case Club.

About California Wine Club

The California Wine Club also does one-time shipments and gift sets. Furthermore, they have the “Uncorked” blog on their website with articles on toastings, tips on what not to do at a tasting, and more. Since 1990, they have been helping artisan wineries share their small-batch wines. They visit the wineries, meet the families and winemakers behind the wines, and then invite them to share their favorites with the wine club members. Every wine they feature is from a real, working winery and backed by their Love It Guarantee. Above all, I want you to take away that I never approved wine subscriptions, I'm picky, but I approve and LOVE this one!

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