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Carne Collective

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Ships to: US

Carne Collective is the first nationwide direct-to-consumer and wholesaler Argentinian beef company.

Argentina is world renowned for their beef, it’s time to find out why for yourself.

Select the box that fits your needs. Each box is curated each month by our master butchers with our best cuts of prime Argentinian grass-fed beef.

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About Carne Collective

A reliable source of quality meat can be hard to find. Carne Collective, the first nationwide direct-to-consumer, and wholesaler Argentinian beef company solves that problem. We provide premium grass-fed Angus beef sourced from the best ranches in Argentina delivered directly to your table. Now you can enjoy healthy, sustainable beef with superior flavor. Argentina is world-renowned for their beef, it’s time to find out why for yourself.

Why buy grass-fed beef? Not only does grass-fed beef taste better, but it also brings many health benefits like extra Omega-3, vitamins, healthy fats, and added antioxidants. Additionally, raising grass-fed animals is the most ethical and sustainable way. It may require patience and dedication, but premium meat cannot be rushed.

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Setember 2021 Subscription Box Haul

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September 2021

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