Dermy Doc Box

Price: $49.99

Quarterly, One-time

Ships to: US, Canada

$100+ retail value of skincare products guaranteed in every box

Each box comes with 5+ skin and hair care products

Pamphlet detailing each product, benefits, ingredients, and useful tips

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$5 off 1st box

About Dermy Doc Box

Dermy Doc Box is a seasonal skincare subscription box curated by a board-certified dermatologist – Dr. Fahs. If you're tired of wasting time and money searching for quality and effective skincare, then this box is for you! Additionally, there are no filler products, no gimmicky marketing–just hand-selected skincare straight from the dermatologist herself. Always included are Dr. Fahs's personal tips and tricks to guide you!

Get 5+ skin and hair care products that are Dermy Doctor-approved samples & full-size items, always a $100+ retail value. Additionally, you will receive a pamphlet written by Dermy Doctor with product details, tips for use, and exclusive discounts.

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