Dot Boxx

Price: $39.99


Ships to: US, Canada, Worldwide

Boxes ship the 15th of each month. Unbox and enjoy your goodies.

Monthly self-care package for women of all ages.

Enjoy personal care goods by women-owned businesses, plus snacks; add period essentials for just $3.

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20% off

About Dot Boxx

So what's Dot Boxx? We're a small, minority, woman-owned business that put our nuggets together to ship goodies with the intent of adding a little joy to your reality monthly. Your box may include a variety of handmade self-care/self-love products, quirky items, household goods; and 3 full-size snacks! Come join our squad… we'd be happy to have ya!

Past Dot Boxx Boxes

Summer 2021

August 2021

June Pop-Up 2021

June 2021

June 2021

June 2021

Recent Dot Boxx Unboxings
August 2021 Haul

June 2021 Pop-Up Haul

June 2021 Subscription Haul

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