Girlyamanda Paper Crafts

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Ships to: US

Our goal is to help parents get their kids off screen time and give them time to be creative without causing additional stress to parents.

Boxes are shipped monthly and can be a stress free way to engage with your child or to give you a quiet time break.

We guarantee that you and your crafter will be happy with our boxes.

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$10 off a 3 or longer subscription OR $5 monthly renewal box

About Girlyamanda Paper Crafts

Girlyamanda contains all the supplies needed to make 3-4 projects, a table cloth, detailed instructions, and must-haves: pen, lip gloss, sweet treat, and bag to hold supplies; a different theme each month. People who love the box love a crafter who also appreciates getting the child off-screen time and getting them creative. You can choose to engage with them, or use them as a way to get some quiet time. They are great to use on the go too since they contain everything needed. Easily Get your Kids Off Screen Time so you can engage with them or give yourself a break.

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