Lil’Prospectors Box

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Whether you want the full at-home mining experience or just want to grow your rock collection, Lil’ Prospectors has tons of mixes to choose from.

Lil’ Prospector Kits are a great introduction to at-home gem mining.

Each unique mix includes over 4 pounds of screening material and over 1 pound of rocks, minerals, or fossils.

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About Lil’Prospectors Box

Lil'Prospectors brings the unique experience of rock, mineral, and fossil mining right to your door. Whether you are looking for science-based sensory play, new specimens to add to your collection, or the full gem mining experience, they have a huge variety of mixes to choose from. The 12-month subscription comes with over 18 lbs of rocks, minerals, and fossils, plus the tools you need to discover and learn about over 50 different types of specimens.

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