Louis and Lea

Price: $23.93


Ships to: US, Canada

Whether you are gifting, expecting, or already bonding with baby, choose a monthly plan starting at $32.99/month.

Discover products to prepare and pamper mom + baby, made with love by local Canadian artisans and shops shipped on the 10th of every month.

Celebrate mom + baby's journey together by opening each box filled with quality items mom + baby will love. Curated by parents of five!

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b\Buy a 6-month subscription & receive your first box for FREE + receive a FREE pair of Maggie's Organics Socks ($14.00) or Buy a 12-month commitment & receive your first box for FREE + receive a FREE pair of Maggie's Organics Socks + receive a FREE Louis and Léa Organic Zippered tote ($15.00) here

About Louis and Lea

A monthly subscription box curated with care to make sure mom and baby have everything they need from baby bump to baby's first birthday! Inside each box, you’ll find innovative and practical products to pamper mom, comfort baby, and memorialize every milestone together.

From exclusive Louis and Léa products to handcrafted items made with love and care by local makers and small businesses across Canada.

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