Nadine West

Price: $10


Ships to: US

Awesome, affordable outfits to your doorstep each month.

Every month you'll receive your personalized outfit. Open it up. See your surprises!

No checkout needed! Keep the items that you love. Send the rest back.

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$25 off + FREE shipping

About Nadine West

Nadine West is a fun and fashionable service providing members with personalized stylish items to try on in the comfort of their own homes! The no-risk shopping secret to making your friends jealous – even if you have zero time to shop! Without Buying, you'll receive your amazing outfit to try on in the convenience of home. Keep ONLY what you love, send the rest back using our included return shipping.

Love surprises? Each month features surprise outfits consisting of items perfectly styled just for you. No cookie-cutter packages! Based on what you keep, our experts learn more about your existing tastes, helping you discover new styles each month!

Each item is priced about the same as eating out – between 10-30 bucks. The service is FREE with no weird fees. The only debt you'll ever see is a shipping debit to you, which is credited towards your purchase.

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