Papr Cosmetics

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Ships to: US, Canada

Best natural deodorant in sustainable, eco-friendly packaging.

For every product we create we have two things in mind: To use the best possible ingredients with the least impact on our planet and you!

Sustainable products you can use with good conscience.

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About Papr Cosmetics

Our mission is to create conscious beauty products – as good as they get for you and with as little impact on the planet as possible. Paper is light, versatile and functional. Most importantly it is fully recyclable and it makes for great packaging. And when we take down one tree, we plant a new one. We aim to sustain. It is the only way. Not only do we look after mother Earth, we also only use ingredients that won’t harm you! We research, we search and we aim to create better. We believe in science, we are vegan, we don’t test on animals and we are conscious as human beings.

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