Rose War Panty Power

Price: $37.50


Ships to: US, Canada

RWPP is a monthly subscription box to empower YOU during that magical time of the month.

Their ORGANIC pads/tampons are beneficial for many women who suffer from menstrual depression, dysmenorrhea, or severe skin irritation.

Usually our time of the month makes us depressed, angry, and powerless, but this box is exclusively designed to make you feel empowered during those rose-war days.

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30% off

About Rose War Panty Power

A monthly Period Subscription Box made to empower women before-during-after your menstrual period. Organic feminine products, 2 panties, 3~6 lifestyle goods & more!

Past Rose War Panty Power Boxes

Summer 2021

June 2021

Period Subscription box

August Haul

August 2021

RWPP Rose War Panty Power August 2021
Recent Rose War Panty Power Unboxings
Rose War Panty Power

2021 August Subscription Box Haul

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