The Fabulous Planner

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The Fabulous Planner was created for you that love planning but don’t really have the time to shop around every now and then.

The subscription plan will save you time and money and will help you keep your planner organized and FABULOUS!

No matter which box size you choose, you’ll receive a new themed box each month with an exclusive planner collection and stickers inside.

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10% off all items on the website including the box!

About The Fabulous Planner

The Fabulous Planner box is a monthly subscription that will deliver an exclusive collection of stylish planners and stationery goods that will help you get more organized and have fun at the same time. Our items are colorful, fun, and trendy! Most of the designs are handmade by our shop in sunny Los Angeles, California.

This subscription box is perfect for you if:

  • You get inspired by stylish planner accessories and stationery goods.
  • You thrive off being organized and having fun at the same time (that’s a thing?!).
  • You barely have enough time in the day to plan, let alone shop for planner goodies.
  • You get overwhelmed by all of the options you have to decorate your planner (how are there so many cute things?!).
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