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White Home Woods

Price: $69.99


Ships to: US

Woman owned business

All products are packed and shipping in US

Select items are made In House

Use Code: PINK10

$10 off your 1st box

About White Home Woods
White Home Woods HomeBox is a seasonal home subscription box, where carefully selected products that refresh your home every season are sent to your door. They pay close attention to the preferences chosen in your subscription questionnaire when you subscribe to a seasonal box. WHW offers an extensive catalog of high-quality products from America's top home decor designers and suppliers.

Each box can include 4-6 full-size home products of which 1-2 of the products are exclusively available from the WHW brand. WHW receives items such as wall decor, decorative trays, pillowcases, soy candles, mugs, handmade signs, and more. The WHW candles are made in the USA in small batches with soy wax, cotton wick (lead and zinc free) and are gluten-free, phthalate-free, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

WHW may include a handmade 100% wooden sign in your seasonal box. Best of all, you can choose from various wood stain color options in a small questionnaire when you sign up!

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