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YesPlz Coffee offers a unique and delightful coffee experience, delivering freshly roasted, expertly crafted blends right to your doorstep. Each week, they create a new limited-release blend, sourcing the finest beans from around the globe to ensure a perfect cup every time. Starting at $20 with free shipping, YesPlz Coffee is not just about quality beans; it's about the joy of discovering new flavors and aromas. Whether you're a coffee aficionado or just someone who enjoys a great cup, YesPlz is like a weekly coffee adventure, always offering something new and exciting to try.

Types of Coffee YES PLZ Offers:

  • Decaf – they currently release a fresh decaf every week & they only source decafs using natural sugar and water process methods.
  • Single Origin – a weekly rotation of the best single-origin coffee we can lay our hands on. Homestar – slowly evolving espresso blend that also works well brewed (this is the go-to for folks who enjoy something slightly darker roasted)
  • The Mix – ever-evolving blend and flag ship product. The Mix is a no-compromise, no-corner-cut blend of the best possible beans they can find every week.

Yes PLZ Coupon Code:

15% off any purchase of coffee items & subscriptions
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Each standard shipment from YesPlz Coffee includes a unique, limited-release blend of freshly roasted coffee beans. The specific blend changes weekly, offering subscribers a diverse range of flavors and profiles to explore. This subscription is ideal for those who enjoy variety and the excitement of discovering new coffee experiences regularly. An in-house printed Risograph accompanies each shipment insert with a note from the founders, a playlist, and information about the coffee. 


New orders ship either Friday or Monday, whichever is sooner, and recurring orders ship Friday.
It depends on the cup. In our home brewing methods we’re typically using about 15g of beans for each 8oz cup of coffee — so a 250g bag of YES PLZ yields roughly sixteen mugs while a 340g bag yields about 23.
TLDR; Medium-ish Always delicious. The lightness or darkness of a roast is just one of many factors that affect your coffee and we encourage folks to explore broadly before deciding to embrace only one style. We’re lighter than some, darker than others; the “lighter side of medium” sounds about right, but everyone is grading on different curves.

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