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DIY Guest Bedroom Makeover
DIY Guest Bedroom Makeover


DIY Guest Bedroom Makeover

Hey Guys, I wrote this a while back and never posted it (whyyyyy do I do this?!) Anyhow, the point of this post is to show you what we did and to show it is doable! DIY is fun and it saves so much money while expanding your knowledge. So without further ado, I introduce you to my best bedroom.

Guest Bedroom Remodel

As if I didn't already have enough going on, we accidentally started a slight remodel on our Guest Bedroom. It all started with us wanting to move the downstairs HVAC unit to the attic and replace all of the 51+-year-old ducts. Whole ‘nother beast of a project. More on that later and why we ended up hiring a pro to take over, shout out Shafer Services Plus for savings us.

How we started the DIY remodel on our guest bedroom

We needed to add a way to get into our attic, which is big and completely underutilized, so we decided a door from the guest bedroom would be best, so we cut a big hole. Next, we decided we didn't like the fur down, so we tore it out. WELLLLLLL come to find out, it can't be removed because it is the thing that allows air to flow through our entire attic. Old houses, I tell ya, only old houses remove living space so that the attic can have what it needs *face palm*. So we took advantage of our mistake and relocated the AC vent from the wall to the ceiling. Yay! Then we added can lights and placed better insulation in the fur down/ceiling areas. And lastly, we re-insulated the sidewalls between our new attic area and the bedroom. Yep, a full DIY Guest Bedroom Makeover commences.

After we closed up the big hole we made in the ceiling (and found out how terrible we are at sheetrock work), we started on the bedroom walls. We do not like the Sand texture currently on our walls, so we hooked our shop vac to our sander and sanded the texture off the walls. This is not a fast process, but it is a cheap, effective one.

Once the walls were semi-smooth (they won't ever be 100% smooth with this process), we started painting. We repainted everything in the room. All the paint we used is from Sherwin Williams. We used Creamy White on the ceiling and trim and Oyster Bay on all the walls. After we finished painting, we cleaned the carpets and started working on decor.

This Beach Inspired Guest bedroom is inspired by my childhood. I grew up in a small beach town and wanted to bring a little slice of that beautiful town into my home. Oddly enough, I bought most of this from Pier 1 before they even announced their closing. Come to find out, the prices were cheaper before the Closing Sales LOL.

Beach Inspired Guest Bedroom Decor Items:

  • Pier 1's Deverson Queen Espresso Headboard, damaged & on the sale rack
  • Pier 1's Mitzi White Nightstand and we added hardware from Wayfair
  • my great grandmother's desk that we refinished and added hardware from Wayfair
  • Pier 1's White Vanity Stool
  • Pier 1's Jute Blue Chair
  • World Market Marble Chevron 5 hook rack
  • Pier 1's Hex Shelves x 3
  • Pier 1's Flamingo Pillows
  • Pink Flamingo Sheet Set
  • Homegoods White Bedding Set
  • Homegoods Random Painting
  • Pier 1's Carson Basket (that I ended up returning because $80 for a basket isn't me)
  • Ikea Blue Rug is leftover from another project that I did
  • the light on the ceiling is original to the house
  • Homegoods curtains from the clearance rack
  • Rattan bedside lamp I have had for years

I think the most memorable piece in this room is my great grandmother's makeup vanity. My great-grandmother was an elegant, wonderfully loving, and very very VERY fun lady. Someone I aspire to be one day. I was given her makeup vanity, and it needed work, and my husband instantly jumped to the task. He spent so much time carefully stripping the desk down of wear, tear, and old paint. He then reinforced the piece and painted/stained it. It is absolutely perfect!!! This photo was taken pre-hardware.

This is a quick overview of our DIY Guest Bedroom Makeover. I hope you enjoyed it. We are always taking on new rooms and projects in our 1960's home so follow along on IG & FB stories at @thepinkenvelope to see more Behind the Scenes, Tips & Trick, and future projects!

xoxo Samantha

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