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DIY Patio Remodel | Before & Afters
DIY Patio Remodel | Before & Afters


DIY Patio Remodel | Before & Afters

Before and After DIY Patio Remodel

I can't believe it has taken me so long to share the back patio DIY remodel project. It turned out so good and was very affordable, although quite time-consuming. Maybe I've been too busy basking in it!

Why DIY?

Taking on a remodeling project by yourself (DIY) can be fulfilling and (financially/selfishly) beneficial. Here are some of the top perks of why we keep doing our remodel DIY:

  • Cost Savings: This is a big one! One of the most significant benefits of DIY remodeling is the potential for cost savings. You can save on labor costs by doing the work yourself, often representing a substantial portion of a remodeling project's overall budget.
  • Personalization: Another big one for us! When you're in charge of the remodeling, you have complete control over every aspect of the project, from the design to the materials used. This level of personalization ensures that the final outcome precisely meets your vision and needs.
  • Skill Development: Man, oh man, have we grown. Taking on a DIY project can be a great way to learn or hone new skills. From painting and tiling to more complex tasks like plumbing and electrical work, you can expand your skill set.
  • Flexibility: DIY projects offer flexibility in scheduling and changes. You can work at your own pace and on your own schedule, and if you decide to change direction mid-project, you can do so without the need to consult or renegotiate with contractors. Hello Vacay mid-project!
  • Satisfaction and Pride: There's a unique sense of satisfaction and pride that comes from completing a project with your own hands. Seeing your vision come to life because of your efforts can be incredibly rewarding.
  • Increased Home Value: Even though the project is DIY, the improvements and updates you make can still significantly increase the value of your home, especially if done well and with attention to detail.
  • Community Building: DIY projects often lead to interactions with fellow DIYers, whether through online forums, social media, or local hardware stores. This can build a sense of community and support, as people share advice, tools, and encouragement.
  • Family Project: A DIY remodel can be a family affair, offering a way to spend quality time together while working towards a common goal. It can be an excellent opportunity for teaching children about hard work, persistence, and the value of home.

Before & After Patio

This is what the backyard patio looked like when we finished but it has grown since then, see those photos at the bottom of this post.

Our DIY Patio Remodel Supplies

I know that I am not going to remember every detail, so reach out if I have missed something you are interested in knowing about. But here are the main parts:

What did we change?

  • We raised the roof, literally! Game changer and very risky. 5 out of 10 recommend.
  • Added wood to the ceiling to give character.
  • We still need to swap out the doors; it's on the list.
  • German Schmeared the brick exterior (aka: rubbed mortar all over the brick).
  • Added 7 can lights.
  • Got rid of so many random wires.
  • Purchased new outdoor furniture from Living Spaces – Ravelo Outdoor 3 Piece 93″ Sectional in gray.
  • Purchased a fire pit that could double as a coffee table.
  • Purchased 2 chairs to be accents + additional seating.
  • Added so many plants.
  • Added decor: accents, pillows, blankets, and more from all my home decor subscriptions.

What the patio looks like 2 years later…

Final Thoughts from the “crew”

And there you have it, the grand tale of how a few planks of wood, a sprinkle of creativity, and a dash BOATLOAD of elbow grease transformed a date backyard patio into a serene patio paradise. We embarked on this DIY journey with a vision, a somewhat optimistic budget, and a YouTube tutorial or two. Along the way, we encountered unexpected challenges (who knew patio pavers could be so… stubborn?), learned a plethora of new skills (hello, amateur masonry!), and even rediscovered the joy of a well-earned break under the sun.

As the sun sets on yet another DIY project, we’re left with more than just a stunning back patio. We’ve gained invaluable lessons in patience, problem-solving, and the importance of occasionally stepping back to admire our handiwork (preferably with a cold beverage in hand). This project was a reminder that beauty and satisfaction lie as much in the process as they do in the result.

So, to all the aspiring DIYers out there, remember this: the journey of remodeling your back patio is like hosting a barbecue. It requires preparation, the right tools, 64257692 trips to the store, and the understanding that it’s all about bringing people together. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice about to lay your first stone, the adventure of DIY remodeling is one that promises not just a transformed space, but a transformed spirit, eager to take on the next challenge.

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