About Covet Crate

Covet Crate grew out of the desire to empower, inspire, motivate, and encourage women in their careers and every day lives. Opening an online store is one thing, but we wanted to be more personal than that. What better way to reach out and touch women's lives than to deliver a carefully curated package directly to them every other month? This is how Covet Crate was born.

Cost: you have 2 options

  • Girl Boss Box – $54.95
  • Lady Boss Box – $94.95

Frequency: Bi-Monthly

Coupon Code: use the code PINKENVELOPE5 to get $5 off your 1st box

My Covet Crate Experience

Encouragement for Women in Business – This month's box theme is Be Persistent (something I really need to work on more) and the woman of the month is author J.K. Rowling.  In the overview book they talk about her history and her accomplishments.  She has such a cool story to tell!

Ok, inside my September/October box I received an 8×10 Book Shelves Print & Blue Floral Note Book both by Bella Adele Co.  A total retail value of $18.00.  She also has a very cute site if you have a chance to swing by and check it out!

Then I receive a subscription box item within this subscription box which is fun!  Bubbles & Books is a monthly subscription box that delivers romance novels, artisan soaps and book/bath related products to your door.  They share with us one of their soaps – Monlight & Roses Scrub.  This soap makes the entire box smell so good!  Total retail value $6.00.

Then I pulled out the Make You Idea Matter book by Bernadette Jiwa that I can't wait to read.  Getting these business books every other month keeps me learning and I love that!  I also received a Felt Heart Shaped Bookmark from Jennifer Lesley Designs.  It is so cute and I can say goodbye to tearing up the corners.  Total retail value here $10.00

Encouragement for Women in Business

Then I received Sole Serum, daily foot pain relief (founder of this company is a female of course) and I can't wait to try it out.  I also received a Lady Boss leatherette clutch wallet in the most perfect shade of green.  That color is so hot right now!  Total retail value $54.00

And these last 3 items I received are exclusive to the Lady Boss Crate only.  A Lady Boss satin chrome pen with case, a cell phone charm and detachable keychain and the Beautiful Drawings of Women color book by Bella Stitt.  The pen will look good in my work bad, I'm happy it has a case so it doesn't get beat up in there.  I also love the keychain, I think it is so cute and it is in my favorite color Pink!!!  Love that it detaches, the one I have now does the same and it is so nice!  And this coloring book really is beautiful and quite impressive.  I'm so type A and coloring these type of pages are all consuming and I can do it for hours at a time.  I have to watch myself LOL.  Total retail value $41.49.

Covet Crate Subscription Box Review

So total I received 9 items, and they all are multiple use items with a total retail value of $129.49 + curation + shipping for only $94.95 for the Lady Boss Box.  Encouragement for Women in Business!

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